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Buchautorin Hummelshoj Jakobsen Dorte

Since then she has published two collections of flash fiction, „Candied Crime“ (humour) and „Liquorice Twists“ (a bit darker), and a couple of short stories, e.g. the very popular ghost story „Heather Farm“ (suspense plus romance in the Dunes near the Danish west coast).

LATEST NEWS „The Cosy Knave“ – a humorous and cosy novel featuring village constable Archibald Penrose and the librarian Rhapsody Gershwin, and the Christmas collection with the same protagonists, „Christmas in Yorkshire“.

Buchideen :: Woher bekommen Sie Ihre Buchideen?

Well, my crime stories are all fictional, but I suppose you could say I get my inspiration, or rather my ideas about what good crime fiction is, from the thousands of novels I have read ever since I was a teenager.

Zeitbedarf :: Wie viel Zeit erfordert das Schreiben der Erstfassung?

It took years to write the first ones, but last year I wrote the first draft of „The Cosy Knave“ in three months, and everything went so smooth with that one. I don´t think it is only because I have become a more efficient writer, I think it also made a difference that it is a light and humorous story.

Motivation :: Was treibt Sie an zu schreiben?

Writing and publishing crime fiction is a long dream for me, and a few years ago I thought it was just a question of editing my Danish manuscript once more, but then the financial crisis set in. Suddenly it was all but impossible for a debutant to find a publisher. So for me the opportunity to self-publish ebooks via Amazon, Smashwords and the Danish platform Saxo has been a great step forward. Getting a couple of books out there has not exactly made me rich yet, but much happier 🙂

Recherche :: Was war Ihre lustigste Recherche und warum?

One of my favourite characters is grumpy old Arnold Kickinbottom who is a mushroom collector. I have had much fun finding information about both edible and poisonous mushrooms. I didn´t get everything right, though, when I translated a Danish story into English, but the reviewer who pointed it out was kind enough to give me four stars anyway 🙂

(Arnold appears in The Cosy Knave, Christmas in Knavesborough and some of the stories in Candied Crime).

Arbeitsumgebung :: Wie sieht Ihr Schreibtisch aus?

Haha. My desk disappeared under mountains of books, articles and papers years ago.

So when I write fiction, I use my laptop, right in the middle of our living room, surrounded by my family. I need dictionaries when I write in English, but otherwise I can find most of the information I need online.

Tagesablauf :: Wie sieht Ihr typischer Schreiballtag aus?

I work as a teacher to put bread on the table so I mostly write late in the afternoon, plus weekends and the school holidays. As my health is not good, I have periods when I can write a lot, but also months when I hardly write a page.

Selfpublishing :: Warum vermarkten Sie Ihr Buch im Eigenverlag?

Don´t tell anyone, but I haven´t had much choice so far. I would like to have a publisher who tried to sell my books for me, but other writers tell me the world is not really like that any more, so if I have to do all the marketing on my own anyway, I´d rather keep most of the money also.

Marketing :: Welche Art von Marketing lohnt sich am meisten?

I have had a crime fiction blog for more than two years. That was a good way to get started, and my generous and loyal blog friends also help me with beta-reading and such.

Besides, I try to use the networks I have found via Facebook and twitter. For sales it seems to be a good idea to participate in It is a bit difficult to find out how to market your books without being thrown out for self-promotion, but usually my sales improve for a couple of days when I have posted there.

Genre :: In welchen Genres veröffentlichen Sie Bücher bzw eBooks?

I have to read many different genres as part of my job, but in my spare time I mainly read crime fiction. Psychological suspence, police procedurals, amateur detectives, cosy mysteries and a few thrillers. I began writing a mixture between psychological suspence and police procedurals (serious novels, but not hardboiled). My first English novel was a humorous cosy mystery, though, and as it sells fairly well, I am sure my readers will expect more Gershwin and Primrose stories in the future.

Tipps :: Welchen Ratschlag möchten Sie einem neuen Autor mitgeben?

First the simple and obvious answer: write, write, write. And when you have published something, don´t wait for wealth and fame. Return to your desk and begin writing the next book.

Second, it takes quite a lot of determination. Never give up, no matter how many rejections you receive. I have worked hard for 6-8 years, and finally I had to self-publish my stories and novels, but now I have begun to find my readership. And yes, it was worth every hour I put in!

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